Bulleid BR Eastern and Scottish Regions Open Saloon 2nd


Individual carriages are priced at £625.00. If ordering more than one, each carriage is reduced to £600.00.

Pay a 25% deposit per item

Individual carriages are priced at £625.00. If ordering more than one, each carriage is reduced to £600.00.

In September 1965 as part of the Bournemouth three-rail electrification programme, BR Southern Region did a coach swap with their colleagues at Eastern and Scottish Regions. For receiving a number of BR Mk1 coaches which were rebuilt into forthcoming electric stock, Southern Region handed over 22 Bulleid open saloon 3rds (now designated open saloon 2nds) in return.

They were a prestige stock often working on Southampton boat train duties ferrying passengers to the world’s largest ocean liners such as the RMS Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, and the SS United States. Much appreciated by American passengers who preferred the open style of carriage seating, whereas Brits were more at home with Bulleid or Maunsell compartments.

Prior to handover, they were repainted in BR lined maroon livery by Eastleigh, and so began a new life far from Southern metals as individual carriages for loose working and sometimes run as pairs on express and inter-regional passenger services. They were of the unskirted Bulleid type, and visually distinctive in maroon livery appearing with an E (or S) prefix and the S suffix carriage numbering to emphasise their original heritage. As part of BR’s continued corporatisation process some were later repainted in BR blue and grey livery.

The Open Saloon 2nds were long-lasting until they were eventually withdrawn in the early 1970s. A perfect addition for BR Eastern and Scottish Region enthusiasts to run with a mix of BR maroon Gresley, Thompson, BR Mk1 and Pullman stock overlapping the end of steam and new diesel eras.

BR Eastern Region lined maroon with maroon end

TO Open Saloon 2nd

BR Scottish Region lined maroon with maroon ends

TO Open Saloon 2nd

Carriage specifications

  • Meticulously researched using original drawings, image material and examples of preserved and modified stock
  • Beautiful hand-made solid brass fine scale soldered construction ensuring superb body detail
  • Interior LED carriage lighting
  • Finished in long-lasting and robust oven baked satin paint
  • Ball bearing mounted axel boxes for free running bogies
  • Solid stainless steel disc wheels with back-to-back set at 29mm
  • Conversion pack for standard/coarse scale Hi Rail wheels set at 27.5mm
  • Removable carriage body so the interior can be accessed for the fitting of figures
  • Roof coach boards commemorating famous express trains run on BR Eastern and Scottish Regions
  • Side mounted destination and route carriage boards
  • Manufactured by Art Hobbies, Korea.

Two coupling types are provided: Buckeye couplings will be a standard on Bulleid coaches. Additional conversion packs for screw (drop) link couplings, as well as additional buckeye couplings are available. Note the screw (drop) link coupling is suitable to align with ACE style drop link couplings where the carriages are run with standard/coarse scale locomotives.

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BR Eastern Region lined maroon with maroon ends, BR Scottish Region lined maroon with maroon ends

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E1467S, E1469S, E1470S, E1472S, E1474S, E1480S, E1486S, E1490S, E1491S, E1499S, E1505S, SC1466S, SC1471S, SC1479S, SC1482S, SC1484S, SC1489S, SC1495S, SC1498S, SC1500S, SC1502S, SC1503S

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